The Bible’s One Message

The Bible’s One Message

Do you understand how amazing the Bible is? Do you appreciate what this book contains? In the production of this book the Lord God utilized about forty different authors living on three continents over a period of approximately 1,500 years. These men used three different languages to compose sixty-six books that have come to be bound into one volume and translated into the many languages spoken by modern man. These facts alone make it a noteworthy book and worthy of historical and literary study, but that which makes this book most remarkable is its one message.

Yes, despite being written by men of such varied backgrounds as shepherd, fisherman, tax collector, Jewish priest, military commander, physician, rabbi and tentmaker, it is a book with one underlying theme—God wants to save you from your sins.

In the books we know as the Old Testament there is a recurring theme that a Savior is coming; a Savior who will break the power of Satan, spring from the Jewish tribe of Judah, reign as King and Priest, suffer and rise again, bring forgiveness and blessings to all nations, unite people of various ethnic groups, and do many other things for our benefit.

Then the New Testament opens with the announcement that the One who would "save His people from their sins" was to be born. The long-awaited Savior had come and for about thirty-three years He lived among men, teaching and healing, caring and correcting, but in the end He had to do that which had been predetermined before the foundation of the world: i.e. the glorious Savior, the Son of God, was put to death in a most brutal fashion on a Roman cross. But as the Bible tells the story of this gross miscarriage of justice it makes clear that it was far more than just another story of the legal system gone awry, for in His own words, He died willingly to give Himself as a ransom. The wages of sin had always been death and Jesus had died for all mankind.

While the crucifixion of the Christ is clearly the climax of God's book, the New Testament does not end with the tragedy of the cross, but goes on to tell of the Savior conquering death by rising from the grave on the third day. Then forty days later He triumphantly ascended back to the Father from whom He had come. From that point forward the New Testament becomes the story of how the work of the Savior can benefit each of us, for it is made clear that though He died for all, unless we respond to His gracious gift with true faith, obedient faith, we will not be benefited by that death.

Have you come to know this remarkable book and its one great message of salvation? We would like nothing more than to assist you in learning the great truths we have outlined in this article and how they can make all the difference in your life, both now and eternally. If you want to know more about the saving message of the Bible there are several options available to you. We would be delighted to have you visit the meetings of the Jones Road church of Christ where we have Bible studies each Sunday and Wednesday. You will find that the sermons preached in those assemblies are based on the Bible and designed to help those present come to know God's will better. In addition, if you will contact us we will make arrangements for a personalized study of the Bible in your home, or another location if that is your preference. We also offer the option of a free Bible correspondence course. Whichever your preference, please choose to know more about this volume with sixty-six books containing one great message—God's love and plans for you.


John Gibson