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What is the Jones Road church? We are a group of Christians who have made it our aim to be no more and no less than that which we read about in the New Testament. We are “of Christ” because He is our Savior and King and our goal is to allow His word to control all we do.

Our building is located nine miles east of Athens, Alabama on Jones Road. If you are in North Alabama, please stop by and visit us. You are always welcome!!

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Redeeming the Time, January 14, 2018

Are You Intoxicated?


By John R. Gibson


The Scriptures are replete with warnings against the intoxication of alcoholic drink. There are numerous prohibitions against drunkenness and multiple accounts of the tragic results it brings, yet in Proverbs 5:19 the wise man encourages intoxication. No, the same man who gave us the words of warning in Proverbs 20:1 and 23:29-35 does not contradict him-self by encouraging alcoholic consumption, but he does encourage husbands to be intoxicated with the love of their wives. While the KJV has ravished, the NKJV enraptured, the NASB exhilarated, and the NIV captivated, the ESV, along with the marginal readings of the NKJV and NASB, renders this as intoxicated. In the section preceding this, the wise man denounces adultery as a heinous sin that can rob one of his honor and dignity, health and wealth, a sin that truly brings ruin (Proverbs 5:3-14). But Solomon then turns from the negative to the positive and challenges husbands to appreciate the blessing called marriage and find their pleasures in this lawful and honorable relationship.


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Redeeming the Time: January 7, 2018

Crucial Periods in Congregational Development


By Mark W. White


A local church must make plans for its future. It must develop an idea of what direction it wishes to go. If not, a terrible fate awaits them. Vision and foresight serve a church well. If a congregation just takes what comes along and is haphazard concerning plans for its spiritual growth and development, nothing good will result. If the Lord wills, the future will come. What we do at various stages of our existence will make a difference in what happens in the future. There are certain crucial periods in a church’s life which will either cause the local congregation to be better, or be left for the worst. What are some of these crucial times?


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December 2017 edition of the "Friendly Visitor"

Click the picture above to read the December version of the "Friendly Visitor". You can download the pdf and send to anyone you think might benefit from it. The "Friendly Visitor" is also available on our Facebook page so please Like and Share it.


Redeeming the Time: December 10, 2017

Peter and Judas at the Crossroads


By John R. Gibson


The night before the crucifixion two of Jesus’ apostles failed their Lord and committed shameful acts. For thirty pieces of silver, Judas Iscariot led the chief priests to the garden where Jesus had been accustomed to going. There he hypocritically greeted Jesus with a kiss so that in the darkness they would be able to identify the One they sought. At that moment, recklessly and impulsively, yet quite courageously, Peter took a sword and sought to defend Jesus. However, later that same night at the high priest’s house, Peter’s courage completely failed him and he denied Jesus three times. (See Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 18).


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Redeeming the Time: December 3, 2017

But What If They Won’t Be Drawn


By John R. Gibson

What wonderful news—the crucified Lord is to draw all to Himself and His gospel is God’s power to save! Yet some are not interested in the gospel and feel no need for Jesus in their lives; the lifted up Christ and His teaching do not appeal to them. So, what are we to do? This is an issue of real concern to all who care about the lost, which constitute the vast majority of people around us, often including friends and family. People are headed down the broad way to destruction and seem to have no interest in the message we are proclaiming, so what are we to do?

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    Sunday, January 21st, 20189:30am
  2. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, January 21st, 201810:20am
  3. Sun PM Worship
    Sunday, January 21st, 20185:00pm
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