Welcome to Jones Road!

What is the Jones Road church? We are a group of Christians who have made it our aim to be no more and no less than that which we read about in the New Testament. We are “of Christ” because He is our Savior and King and our goal is to allow His word to control all we do.

Our building is located nine miles east of Athens, Alabama on Jones Road. If you are in North Alabama, please stop by and visit us. You are always welcome!!

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Bible Class: The Sermon on the Mount

We started a new class studying the Sermon on the Mount. These classes are being recorded and we would encourage you to study Matthew 5-7 along with us. 

Why Some Are Seeking Change

Through the years, most local Churches of Christ have been known for their male leadership of the local congregation, belief in the necessity of baptism, rejection of instrumental music in worship, and a few other "distinctive" doctrines. However, some within those churches are pushing for change. Increasing numbers of Christians are not just questioning some of the beliefs and practices often associated with Churches of Christ, but want churches to go in a different direction. Why is this happening? Why are some so diligently pushing for change? In a series of three lessons we look at some of the reasons many have grown dissatisfied with what they would call the "traditions" of the Churches of Christ and we invite your careful consideration of these studies.




Family: Parents and Children

When parents bring a newborn baby home for the first time, there is both excitement and anxiety. There is joy over the blessing of a new life, but for most there is also an understandable concern about their ability to take care of this infant. While the Scriptures do not tell you how to handle colic, earaches, introduction of solid foods, etc., they will guide you in the most important part of your child's upbringing. Please give thoughtful consideration to these lessons on bringing up children in the training and admonition of the Lord.


Walk Just as He Walked

Those who are in the right relationship with God are said to "walk just as He walked" (1 John 2:6), but how much do you know about how the Savior walked? We invite you to listen carefully to these lessons on the example left for us by Jesus.


Building Biblically Sound Families

We have begun a series intended to help us have good, godly, happy families that are built upon the word of God.
Though the following two lessons are not part of the "Building Biblically Sound Families" series, we are including them here because of their subject matter. 

2015 Bible Reading Schedule

Companion Readings for the Younger Ones

  • Week One
    • Genesis 1:1, 26-28; 2:15-24
    • Genesis 3:1-7, 14-24
    • Genesis 6:5-10, 13-22
    • Genesis 9:8-17; 11:1-9
    • Genesis 12:1-9; 13:5-18
  • Week Two
    • Genesis 17:1-8; 18:1-15
    • Genesis 19:12-29
    • Genesis 21:1-7; 22:1-18
    • Genesis 24:10-28; 58-67
    • Genesis 27:1-29
  • Week Three
    • Genesis 28:10-22; 29:15-30
    • Genesis 31:1-9, 36-42
    • Genesis 32:22-32
    • Genesis 37:1-11, 23-28
    • Genesis 40:9-23
  • Week Four
    • Genesis 41:1-8, 25-36
    • Genesis 44:17-34
    • Genesis 45:1-15
    • Genesis 47:27-31; 48:14-20
    • Genesis 50:12-21
  • Week Five
    • Exodus 2:1-10; 3:1-6
    • Exodus 4:1-9
    • Exodus 7:8-13; 8:1-4
    • Exodus 12:3-8, 11-12, 31-39
    • Exodus 13:17-22; 14:21-31
  • Week Six
    • Exodus 16:3-8, 13-15; 17:1-6
    • Exodus 19:16-18; 20:1-4, 7-8, 12-17
    • Exodus 24:1-8
    • Exodus 25:1-2, 8-9
    • Exodus 28:31-36; 29:42-46
  • Week Seven
    • Exodus 32:1-4, 7-8, 19-24; 34:1-4
    • Exodus 35:20-29; 36:4-7
    • Exodus 40:1-8, 34-38
    • Psalm 27:4-9, 14
    • Hebrews 3:12-19
  • Week Eight
    • Leviticus 9:22—10:3
    • Hebrews 5:5-14
    • Hebrews 6:13-20
    • Leviticus 19:1-3, 9-11, 15-18, 32-33
    • Hebrews 8:7-13