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What is the Jones Road church? We are a group of Christians who have made it our aim to be no more and no less than that which we read about in the New Testament. We are “of Christ” because He is our Savior and King and our goal is to allow His word to control all we do.

Our building is located nine miles east of Athens, Alabama on Jones Road. If you are in North Alabama, please stop by and visit us. You are always welcome!!

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Redeeming the Time: October 16, 2016

Jesus’ Approach to Bible Authority

By John R. Gibson

The importance of divine authorization for the things we do and teach is increasingly downplayed and even denigrated in our culture and among many churches of Christ. Some would insist that we move away from the effort to find commands, examples, and necessary inferences in the Scripture and simply focus on Jesus and His love for us. While it would be impossible to overemphasize Jesus, the Lord and Savior who is the fulfillment of Scripture and will one day be our Judge, does emphasizing Jesus necessitate the downplaying of Bible authority? The following verses from the book of John should provide powerful testimony from the mouth of our Lord about the importance of doing only those things we find man-dated or approved by God.

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Redeeming the Time: October 9, 2016

Building a Home

By David Thomley

It happens all the time. Boy meets girl. They begin dating. They fall in love. They become engaged. They plan their wedding. They get married.

No doubt, some folks spend much more time planning their wedding than they spend in planning their marriage and their home. The wedding is a one-time celebration bonding two people in the most intimate relation-ship known to humanity. The marriage, however, was intended by God to endure for a lifetime. In our society, weddings are romanticized so that little girls grow up dreaming and planning for the day when they will be the beautiful Cinderella in the long flowing gown. Literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are expended on some weddings, while the marriages sometimes do not last long enough to pay off the expenses incurred.

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September "Friendly Visitor"


If you missed our meeting, click on the ad below for the sermon recordings:

Four Great Teachers of the Bible

This year, our special winter series topic was "Four Great Teachers of the Bible." We believe everyone, even those who do not teach, will find them helpful. If you were not able to attend, we would encourage you to listen to the recordings:

Week 1: Moses: Teacher of Israel

Week 2: Ezra, the Great Reformer

Week 3: Paul: Preacher, Apostle, and Teacher

Week 4: Jesus, the Master Teacher


Upcoming Events

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    Wednesday, October 26th, 20167:00pm
  2. Sun AM Bible Class
    Sunday, October 30th, 20169:30am
  3. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, October 30th, 201610:20am