Welcome to Jones Road!

What is the Jones Road church? We are a group of Christians who have made it our aim to be no more and no less than that which we read about in the New Testament. We are “of Christ” because He is our Savior and King and our goal is to allow His word to control all we do.

Do You Love or Use God?

When I join a church or engage in religious ritual only because my family does and I want to keep peace with my family, then I am using God.

When I worship how I want to worship because it makes me happy or fulfills me, but I haven’t read the Bible to learn whether God wants that kind of worship or not, then I am using God.

When I volunteer for or accept leadership roles in worship or in the church’s work out of ambition or a desire to “be somebody” or for financial gain...

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Upcoming Events

  1. Sun AM Bible Class
    Sunday, June 16th, 20249:30am
  2. Sun AM Worship
    Sunday, June 16th, 202410:20am
  3. Sun PM Worship
    Sunday, June 16th, 20245:00pm
  4. Wed PM Worship
    Wednesday, June 19th, 20247:00pm