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As our website has grown, we realize that finding answers to specific questions can become more difficult, so we have created this page as a guide to articles, sermons, and class material dealing with different issues. While this is not a complete guide, we hope you will find it helpful. And be sure to check back often, for we will adding to this index of subjects.









Jesus and the Cross




Meditations for the Lord's Supper

The Compelling Love of Christ

Are We Moved by the Cross? (sermon)

The Death of Jesus in the Old Testament (sermon)

Jesus and the Crucifixion (sermon)

The Lamb of God (sermon)

The Power of Christ's Blood (sermon)

The Cross (sermon)

People at the Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion of Jesus...I (sermon)

People at the Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion of Jesus...II (sermon)

People at the Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion of Jesus...III (sermon)

Psalm 22 (sermon)

Did You Know This About Jesus (sermon)

Jesus Will Be Our Judge (sermon)


Have I Overemphasized Baptism?

Is Baptism Essential to Pleasing God?

Bible Answers to Your Questions About Baptism

Have We Overemphasized Baptism (sermon)

Why 3,000 Religious People Got Baptized (sermon)

Putting Baptism in Its Place (sermon)

Importance of Baptism (sermon)

Have I Overemphasized Baptism? (sermon)

Instrumental Music

What Kind of Mind?

Is Instrumental Music Acceptable in Worship? Part One (sermon)

Is Instrumental Music Acceptable in Worship? Part Two (sermon)

One Church's Addition of Musical Instruments (sermon)


Bent Toward Inclusiveness?

Same-sex Marriage: What Should Our Response Be? (sermon)

Modesty in Dress

It's Going to Be Hot!

Dressing as a Transformed People

Dressing as a Holy People

What Does Our Dress Say About Us? (sermon)


Parents, Teach!

Fathers, Beware!

The Parable of Penn Tech

Is Spanking Really a Good Idea?

Our Children: A Source of Gladness or Grief?

Why Isn't the Rod of Correction Working?

Family: Parents and Children...Part 1 (Sermon)

Family: Parents and Children...Part 2 (Sermon)

Family: Parents and Children...Part 3 (Sermon)

Family: Parents and Children...Part 4 (Sermon)

Family: Parents and Children...Part 5 (Sermon)

Five Things Mothers Teach Their Children (Sermon)

Good Fathers... (Sermon)

Loving Mothers (Sermon)

Godly Fathers (Sermon)

Parents Need to Ponder (Sermon)

Women, Use Your Influence Wisely (Sermons)

Fathers, Give These Three Things to Your Children (Sermon) 

Preventing Our Children From Being Left Behind (Sermon)

Parenting Principles (sermon)


Saving the Marriages of Our Unmarried Children

Our Response to Same-sex Marriage 

Divine Marriage Counseling...I

Divine Marriage Counseling...II

Doctrines of Demons

Building Marriages That Last...I (sermon)

Building Marriages That Last...II (sermon)

Building Marriages That Last...III (sermon)

Building Marriages That Last...IV (sermon)

Building Marriages That Last...V (sermon)

Same-sex Marriage--What Should Our Response Be? (sermon)

Back to the Beginning: Marriage and Divorce (sermon)

True Disciples Make Better Spouses...I (sermon)

True Disciples Make Better Spouses...II (sermon)

Jesus in My Marriage (sermon)


Teach Us to Pray

Should I Pray for Governing Leaders?

Bible Reading and Prayer (sermon)

Lord, Teach Us to Pray...I (sermon)

Lord, Teach Us to Pray...II (sermon)

Improving Our Praying

Jesus Teaches Us About Prayer (class)

The Prayers of Paul (class)

Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Giving of Thanks (class)

Practical Pointers on Prayer (class)

Bible Authority/

Knowing  God's Will

Is He Really a Pharisee? 

Listening to Jesus Regarding Authority and Obedience (sermon notes)

A Study of New Testament Churches (class material)

Jesus and the Word (outline)

Bible Authority: Understanding God's Will (class material)

Denominational and Cult Error (class material)

Take Heed What You Hear (sermon)

If It Weren't for the Pharisees (sermon)

Listening to Jesus Regarding Authority and Obedience (sermon)

Silence Can Be Both Restrictive and Permissive (sermon)

Female Preachers and Our Approach to Scripture (sermon)

The Holy Spirit in Conviction, Conversion, and Sanctification (Part 1) (sermon)

The Holy Spirit in Conviction, Conversion, and Sanctification (Part 2) (sermon)