Redeeming the Time: April 16, 2017

A Few Thoughts on Easter

By John R. Gibson

There are some things I like about the modern Easter celebrations. Ham, boiled eggs, and the chocolate peanut butter eggs you can get for half-price the next day certainly make the list. And seeing the young ones dressed up in their spring finery is always a delight. I could add a few more things to the list, but, while I don’t want to seem like a curmudgeon, there are also some things about Easter I don’t like.

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Redeeming the Time: April 2, 2017

Why We Come to You Each Month

By John R. Gibson

We appreciate you allowing The Friendly Visitor into your home each month and hope you find it helpful, but we realize some of you may wonder why we send this out each month or why your name was added to the mailing list. Because we send it free of charge, it certainly is not because we are making money from it. And because we don’t shy away from controversial Bible topics, we realize we run the risk of upsetting some (though that is certainly not our aim). So why do we do it? Why do we mail you these Bible-based articles each month? Simply put, we believe, as the following passages show, that knowledge of the Scriptures is essential and we want this little paper to help increase its reader’s knowledge of and appreciation for the word of God.

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March 2017 edition of the "Friendly Visitor"

Click the picture above to read our latest version of the "Friendly Visitor". You can download the pdf and send to anyone you think might benefit from it. The "Friendly Visitor" is also available on our Facebook page so please Like and Share it.


Redeeming the Time: March 26, 2017

Treating Our Visitors as Guests

By Mark W. White

We have been blessed here with a steady stream of visitors to our assemblies and Bible classes each week. It’s often difficult just to keep up with them!

Some of these are folks from other congregations in the area or abroad who are just passing through.

Others, like Paul when he arrived in Jerusalem (Acts 9:26), are Chris-tians seeking to join themselves with a group of saints in the work and worship of the Lord.

Still others are Christians who have left the Lord and are “trying out” congregations looking for a place to make their return.

And still more are people who are searching for some kind of religion in their life—they know not what for sure except that they need something. They come because we’re convenient, or because they’re your neighbor, or because you invited them, or because they’ve just heard about us somehow.

All of these people are prospects—in different ways. 

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2017 Winter Series on Prayer

Please join us each Thursday evening in February at 7:00 P.M. for a special series of studies focusing on prayer. We hope you can be with us February 2, 9, 16, and 23 for these classes.

Feb. 2: Jesus Teaches Us About Prayer

Feb. 9: The Prayers of Paul

Feb. 16: Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Giving of Thanks

Feb. 23: Practical Pointers on Prayer


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