July 1, 2018

Who is God (Part 1)


June 24, 2018

Your Speech Betrays You

By John R. Gibson


As Peter warmed himself by the fire he was told, “Surely you also are one of them, for your speech betrays you” (John 18:18, 25; Matthew 27:73). While Peter’s denials of Jesus would make a good study, I want to focus on the idea of our speech betraying us. On more than one occasion Jesus pointed out that one’s words are reflective of his heart, some-times for good and sometimes for evil (e.g. Matthew 12:34-37; 15:18-19). What does our speech say about us? Does it betray something about us that, like Peter, we would prefer to deny?


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June 17, 2018

Who Wrote the Bible? (Part 2)

By John R. Gibson

The Preacher said in Ecclesiastes 12:12, “Of making many books there is no end,” and since his time countless more books have been written, but the Bible claims it should be granted a unique position, head-and-shoulders above all others as the divinely inspired, all-sufficient guide for man (2 Timothy 3:16, 17). While its divine inspiration may be seen in various ways, we are seeking to emphasize its divine origin by noting how that even those who claim allegiance to the Bible clearly could not be the ones responsible for producing it.

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June 3, 2018

Who Wrote the Bible? (Part 1)

By John R. Gibson


The Bible makes the bold claim within its pages that it originated with God. In 2 Tim. 3:16, 17 Paul wrote of the Scriptures’ ability to properly guide man and linked that to its origin. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” We find a similar claim made when the apostle Peter argues that the prophecies of old were not the result of anyone’s private or personal thinking, but instead “holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21).


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May 20, 2018

You’re Tired and Don’t Feel That Great, But...

By John R. Gibson


Who hasn’t been in this situation? You’re tired and don’t feel your best, so you’re thinking about missing the worship assembly. You may tell yourself that the Bible never said a church had to meet on Wednesday night, or perhaps it’s a Sunday morning and you think that with a little rest you mightbe able go that night. Whatever the gathering and whatever the reason, if you’re not a health risk to others, please think about the following seven reasons to get up and go anyway.


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May 13, 2018

General and Specific Authority; Aids (Expedients) and Alterations

By John R. Gibson


Imagine being given $75 and the following list:


Heinz® Ketchup

Clorox® Lemon Scented Bleach (1 gal.)

Pillsbury® Hungry Jack Biscuits (10)

Instant Banana Pudding (6 serving box)

Cereal (3 boxes)

Apples (1 doz.) Boneless Chicken Breasts

Le Sueur® English Peas (2 cans) Skim Milk (1 gal.)


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May 6, 2018

Who Sinned?

By John R. Gibson


Israel was at the edge of Canaan when twelve leaders were told to spy out the land and then report back on both the inhabitants of Canaan and the nature of the land itself (Num. 13:1-20). As most readers are aware, they were unanimous in reporting that the land did indeed flow with “milk and honey” (Num. 13:27), but when it came to the people and their fortifications the spies were divided. While Joshua and Caleb affirmed that the land could be taken, ten of the spies gave a bad report, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we….and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight” (Num. 13:31-33).


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April 24, 2018

Plain Words about Dress (Or Lack Thereof)

By John R. Gibson


Few bulletin articles begin with a warning, but I feel compelled to provide advance notice that this article will contain some quite explicit, though not vulgar, language. One would not be far off the mark if he said that the Bible begins and ends with references to the shame of nakedness (Genesis 3:7-10; Revelation 3:18), yet few today seem to have a sense of shame or modesty when it comes to the display of their bodies. No, complete public nakedness is still uncommon, but when Adam hid because he was naked, could his fig leaves have covered much less than the swimsuits of some Christians as they lounge by the pool, lay out at the beach, or hang out at the water park.


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Redeeming the Time, April 8, 2018

Who Will Be Saved?

By John R. Gibson


An Awkward Situation

Have you ever been asked, “Do you think you have to be a member of the Church of Christ to be saved?” Or perhaps it was put to you this way, “You think you are the only ones going to heaven, don’t you?” I know I have been asked such questions a few times and have found myself struggling for an answer that would be true to God’s word and, at the same time, not close the door to the possibility of converting the one asking the question. I have not always done a good job in answering such questions, but I would like to offer for your consideration an approach suggested to me by another gospel preacher.


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Redeeming the Time, March 11, 2018

Distinct Disciples

By Bubba Garner


It is amazing to me how people in the world will sometimes use the name of Jesus to justify their behavior. They choose an immoral lifestyle and then cry, “Jesus never judged people” to anyone who might oppose them. They have a picture in their mind of a soft, cuddly Savior who never said anything controversial and tried to keep the peace at all costs.


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Redeeming the Time, March 4, 2018

For I Am a Great King

By John R. Gibson


The Old Testament closes in a fiery way as the fifth century B.C. prophet Malachi rebukes the returned remnant of Judah for various sins including divorce, failure to pay their tithes, complaints about God’s injustice, et al, but I want us to pay special attention to the prophet’s denunciation of their “sacrifices.”


“ ‘You offer defiled food on My altar….you offer the blind as a sacrifice….you offer the lame and sick….you say, “The table of the LORD is defiled; And its fruit, its food, is contemptible.” You also say, “Oh, what a weariness!” And you sneer at it,’ says the LORD of hosts. ‘And you bring the stolen, the lame, and the sick….’ ” Malachi 1:6-14


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Redeeming the Time, February 18, 2018

Knowledgeable, Discerning Love

By John R. Gibson


“And this I pray, that your love may abound still more in knowledge and all discernment, that you may approve the things that are excellent….” Philippians 1:9-10a


Paul had a special bond with the saints at Philippi and this was reflected in the fact that he was always making request for them in his prayers (Phil. 1:3-4). While there were certainly other elements to his prayers on their behalf, let’s think seriously about the details of the prayer given in 1:9-10. The apostle desired that the Philippians, a people who had shown much love to him through the years, have a love that abounded in knowledge and discernment. That he would express this desire should tell us that what we think to be love is not always what God wants it to be; i.e. it is not always in accord with His will and does not always reflect “senses exercised to discern both good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14). Let’s look at a few areas in which our love needs to reflect a knowledge of God’s word and the discernment to make good choices.


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Many of you have watched our introduction to the Jones Road church video at the top of the homepage, but we have now added to our YouTube channel. We currently have several sermons in which the audio is synced to the slide presentation and we invite you to watch and listen to these. There are also a number of shorter videos dealing with various topics we believe you will find helpful. 

Should You Be Baptized?

Departures: The Adoration of Mary

Acts 2: A New Beginning

For more videos, including some brief exhortations, click here.


Redeeming the Time, February 11, 2018

The War Was Lost, But We Must Battle On


By John R. Gibson


During the 1960s a bitter, divisive war was fought. Right and wrong seemed clear to many as they battled against the forces of evil. But despite the valiant efforts of so many, evil triumphed and the loss of that war continues to have a great impact on American society. What war was this? I suppose any good student of history knows we are talking about...the Sexual Revolution.


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Redeeming the Time, February 5, 2018

How Would It Have Been Expressed?

By John R. Gibson


Does the Bible teach there is a place of eternal torment where those who failed to do the will of the Father (Matthew 7:21) will spend eternity in a conscious state of suffering? Because it is such a horrific thing to visualize, we are tempted to explain hell as no more than a condition of missing out on the blessings of heaven. For more than a century there have been religious groups, including Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses, which argued that there was no “after death torment” for the wicked, but that they simply ceased to exist. The movie Hell and Mr. Fudge showed how Edward Fudge, a Limestone County native who once preached for several churches of Christ in this area, came to reject the idea of eternal torment. In more recent years there have been those in evangelical circles who have explained hell as little more than missing out on the glories of being with God in eternity.


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Redeeming the Time, January 28, 2018

Bible Reading and Points of Emphasis

By John R. Gibson


Though I must confess I don’t do it every time I read, my Bible reading is far more productive when I take a few minutes to make some notes on what I have just read. As I have written before, these notes serve as an aid to prayer, but they also help me to see themes and points of emphasis. The reading plan I use requires you to read ten chapters from different sections of Scripture and there are some disadvantages to a plan like this, but no-tice how strongly a point was made one day last week when the reading included, among others, Luke 16, 1 Timothy 6, 1 Kings 10, and Acts 11.


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Redeeming the Time, January 21, 2018

Quiet Time Need Not Be Dead Time

By John R. Gibson


I recently read a disparaging description of the few minutes it takes to pass the collection trays among the congregation as a “dead time” and it caused me to begin thinking about the value of quiet, reflective time and how we tend to have little of it. The Bible speaks of the value of meditation in several passages and these are just a representative sample...


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Redeeming the Time, January 14, 2018

Are You Intoxicated?


By John R. Gibson


The Scriptures are replete with warnings against the intoxication of alcoholic drink. There are numerous prohibitions against drunkenness and multiple accounts of the tragic results it brings, yet in Proverbs 5:19 the wise man encourages intoxication. No, the same man who gave us the words of warning in Proverbs 20:1 and 23:29-35 does not contradict him-self by encouraging alcoholic consumption, but he does encourage husbands to be intoxicated with the love of their wives. While the KJV has ravished, the NKJV enraptured, the NASB exhilarated, and the NIV captivated, the ESV, along with the marginal readings of the NKJV and NASB, renders this as intoxicated. In the section preceding this, the wise man denounces adultery as a heinous sin that can rob one of his honor and dignity, health and wealth, a sin that truly brings ruin (Proverbs 5:3-14). But Solomon then turns from the negative to the positive and challenges husbands to appreciate the blessing called marriage and find their pleasures in this lawful and honorable relationship.


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Redeeming the Time: January 7, 2018

Crucial Periods in Congregational Development


By Mark W. White


A local church must make plans for its future. It must develop an idea of what direction it wishes to go. If not, a terrible fate awaits them. Vision and foresight serve a church well. If a congregation just takes what comes along and is haphazard concerning plans for its spiritual growth and development, nothing good will result. If the Lord wills, the future will come. What we do at various stages of our existence will make a difference in what happens in the future. There are certain crucial periods in a church’s life which will either cause the local congregation to be better, or be left for the worst. What are some of these crucial times?


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